If either  Remote Web Workplace or Web Mail is unavailable, you can use the Remote Desktop Connection utility as an alternate way to connect to the Appserver.


Remote Desktop Connection is typically in Programs/Accessories/Communications menu on Windows xP  machines. When you launch the utility, follow these steps to connect:


  1. Specify the Computer: central.verityinvest.com
  2. Use the ‘Options’ button to expand the dialog box, if necessary
  3. Username and Password are same credentials used for web-based access
  4. Specify the Domain: VERITYINVEST
  5. Hit ‘Connect’


Note: If you are experiencing difficulties printing locally while connected to the Appserver using this utility, please verify that the Printer button is checked under the Local Resources tab of the Remote Desktop Connection dialog box. This may/or may not be sufficient to resolve local printing issues.